Best Bait for Carp of 2016

Best Bait for Carp

Best Bait for Carp

What is the Best Bait for Carp?

Whether it’s to take on the challenge of conquering the difficulty of catching a carp, or for that chance to reel in a 10-pounder on your bucket, there’s a lot of anglers out there that has set their sights on fishing for carps. There’s definitely a wide range of carp sizes out there and you certainly would want to have those at the upper echelon of the chain. To achieve exactly that, you’ll need to stock your tackle box with the best bait for carp.

You may not feel the difficulty of catching carp if you go on waters full with small bunch of them, however, there will surely be a difference when you fish for them in more thrilling bodies of water, especially if you’re vying for a big one. The best bait for carp will play a huge role in your venture and you certainly need to have something that would bypass their keen hearing, feel, vision and even taste.

Thankfully, there’s an abundant amount of baits in the market today, however, not every one of them can be included on the list of best bait for carps. It is also imperative to know what the carp on your target place is having on its daily meal. This is for you to know what exactly you need to lure it to your hook and reel it in. You can bring some of this best bait for carp with you and see the wonders it would do for your fishing venture.

1. Berkley Gulp! Alive! Floating Corn

Berkley Gulp! Alive! Floating Corn

You may or may not know this, but corn is undoubtedly a topnotch bait that any carp would go crazy for. Though it’s true what countless others say that carp eats about anything, corn will still be the most effective if you want to lure them all to your hook. However, there are disadvantages in going for full recipes or even full artificial baits so why not something in between?

Berkley will redefine your view of bait through their Alive series, especially this version of their floating corn that realistically mimics corn pieces. It’s infused with the brand’s most revered solution of Gulp Alive that provides it with superior scent which spreads out to attract those carps and get them swarming to your direction in no time at all. Once it runs out of juice, just put it back on the bucket filled with the solution and it will be charged up for more casting. It’s also durable and it will stay put on your hook no matter what happens which is a huge plus for this product.


  • Great alternative for real corn as it realistically mimics the appearance of corn pieces.
  • Comes with Gulp Alive solution that brings it incredible scent that will lure carps in no time at all.
  • Durable and stays put on the hook.


  • The product may not be as effective in luring fishes compared to real corn.
  • Few choices of color and scent.

2. Green Grass Carp Bait

Green Grass Carp Bait

You’ll never know the true picture or view of having fishes swarm all over the place for your hook until you meet this tiger nut from Dynamite which will truly prove to be a monstrous bait that will help you catch tons of carp during your fishing trip.

This bait set may be a lot more expensive than lures you already tried, however, it has this phenomenal recipe that’s unsurpassable and you’ll surely find it to be worth every buck. Its stellar flour for its tiger nut possess an array of sweet ingredients that boasts various minerals, vitamins, lysine, amino acids and more. It also has a vanilla-based feed that’s exclusively provided by the brand which adds up to its astronomical flavor.

It also comes with exclusive attractant from the brand that’s infused with the most high-end natural milk from tiger nut. Its solubility is supreme and you’ll have nothing to worry about even if the temperature of the water drops to the ground. No matter what happens, this bait will spread out its attractiveness throughout underwater with no problem at all, increasing your chances of catching carp and allowing you to revel on a glorious finish you’d surely get addicted to.


  • Has unsurpassable recipe of tiger nut consisting of stellar flour infused with minerals, vitamins, lysine and even amino acids.
  • Possesses high-end vanilla-based feed, high-end natural milk from tiger nut and superior factor of solubility that will allow it to remain attractive no matter what happens.
  • Spreads out its exceptional smell underwater and has superb texture.


  • Expensive.
  • Dries out quickly according to some users.

3. Magic 09-24 Carp Bait

Magic 09-24 Carp Bait

Wide array of baits and lures are continuously being added to the market, however, only some of them can prove to be worth the purchase while only handful can be treated as legendary. This crave freezer from one of them outstanding brands of today, is without a doubt, an exemplary bait that will not fail to amaze you.

Dynamite has worked with Terry Hearn to give life to this stellar bait that will redefine your carp-fishing trip and let you walk home with buckets full of catch. This fishmeal-based boilie is proven to have phenomenal flavors and mix of attractors from shrimp and incredibly special salmon, which guarantees this products luring prowess.

With the array of sizes available for this freezer bait which ranges from 18 to 15 millimeter, you can get your hands one small to trophy-size carps in a cinch. It comes with highly soluble ingredients and attractors which means that once it gets on the water, those fishes will surely sense its alluring flavor and smell which will surely result on massive catches. Without a doubt, this bait will give you more carp than you can count and many users will surely swear by this.


  • Has phenomenal flavor with fishmeal-based recipe that will surely prove to be an irresistible treat for carps. Comes
  • Comes in different sizes from 15mm to 18mm which will give you more possibility of catching trophy-sized carps.
  • Has highly soluble ingredients with shrimp and salmon attractors to lure those fishes.


  • Expensive.
  • Some users claimed that it could use more sizes for bigger carps.

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