Best Bait for Pier Fishing of 2016

Best Bait for Pier Fishing

Best Bait for Pier Fishing

What is the Best Bait for Pier Fishing?

You don’t always have to take tedious long trips, traversing mountains, rowing your boat on the ocean, lake or rivers, just to get a memorable fishing trip alone, with your kid, a partner or your family. Although it is mostly true that many of the anglers on marine piers are those who are on a budget which includes young ones and elders, it still doesn’t erase the fact that fishing on this kind of place at the right time and with the best bait for pier fishing, will surely get you heaps of catches within the hour.

It is always better to know what you’re dealing with before planning activities such as this one. You need to know the perfect local pier and the marine life under it, in order for you to prepare the right gears that would come in handy during your trip. This is also essential to know what the best bait for pier fishing you should take.

The best bait for pier fishing would be something versatile enough to cover the range of fishes that can be found in it. Of course, its durability is also important along with its attractiveness. Its action is also something you should look out to and how it moves as you cast it. You’ll only be able to end up with the best you need after taking into account so many things and if you’re not in for that kind of searching, why not give this some of this best bait for pier fishing I’ve caught in the internet that may just be what the fish in your area fancy.

1. Fishbites Bag O’Worms Bloodworm Alternative Saltwater Bait

Fishbites Bag O’Worms Bloodworm Alternative Saltwater Bait

Bloodworms are proven to be classic baits that never fails to tempt and lure saltwater fishes, even more so for pier fishing. This saltwater bait from Fishbites is built to cater to those who want to revel on the great effects brought by having a bloodworm on your tackle box, without actually catching a real one.

However, though it may not be a real worm, the scent it has, plus its appearance, are more than enough to keep a wide variety of fishes to drool and want more of it. Whether it’s for sheepheads, stripers, trout, Black drum, Croaker and a whole lot more, this bait will surely be deadly to them. One of the most loved facts about this bait is its durability and sturdiness especially once it’s equipped on the hook.

It can last on the hook for countless casts while still retaining its alluring scent for the fishes. Though its scent is relatively strong for fishes, it won’t be anything surprising for us humans. Also, its formula is environment and user friendly as it is of food-quality and non-toxic. When used properly and stored perfectly, this bait can last for one year without losing its appeal.


  • Delectable bloodworm bait that packs a serious scent that will prove to be deadly for saltwater fishes.
  • Specifically built to be the worst nightmare of a wide variety of fishes and is very sturdy and durable on hook.
  • Its alluring scent and appeal can last for one year without losing a bit of its appeal.


  • There are instances when the bait didn’t work for some users.
  • May be a bit expensive for others.

2. Berkley Gulp! Alive! Molded Bloodworms

Berkley Gulp! Alive! Molded Bloodworms

Berkley has indeed stepped up the game of realistic baits by a whole level through their Gulp Alive series that has rendered some of the best and most realistic lures in the industry today that won’t fail to fool those fishes. Though this particular jar bait of goodness may be a bit expensive for some, each piece of bloodworm inside it will surely produce stupendous results that you would be more than thankful for.

Not only is its appearance incredibly stunning and realistic, it also flaunts the brand’s alluring formula that brings it a realistic scent and taste that will bring those fishes to the other end of your line very soon. Its design also brings it a movement that completely mimics the movement of a real bloodworm which makes it even more convincing for your preys. Also, given that it’s an artificial bait filled with realistic features, it will undeniably last longer than live baits out there which will prove to be more money-saving in the long run.

It doesn’t need to be refrigerated and the only thing you need to do once it loses its enticing smell is to pop it up back to the formula of the brand and it will surely get 20% attractant that will make fishes go crazy once it goes back underwater.


  • Comes in realistic appearance, scent and taste that mimics real bloodworm which is undoubtedly a perfect lure for saltwater fishes.
  • Has realistic movement, less mess and last longer than live baits.
  • It goes with the brand’s famous gulp formula that will allow you to recharge it with 20% more attractant to keep fishes crazy for it.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Does not outperform real bloodworms.

3. Yo-zuri Crystal 3D Saltwater Shrimp Lure

Yo-zuri Crystal 3D Saltwater Shrimp Lure

Any saltwater fish will definitely find themselves compelled and completely allured by this shrimp lure that’s undeniably the pinnacle of perfection especially when it comes to its realistic appearance.

It’s topnotch, holographic design is specifically built to be the dream lure that will catch you saltwater fishes inshore, perfectly fit for those who are pier fishing. As the name suggests, the lure boasts not only its realistic appearance, but also its 3D crystal, prism finish that’s unquestionably breathtaking.

It comes with a treble hook that’s beautifully feathered along with a completely realistic shrimp legs and tails that are creatively made. It comes in multiple color schemes which makes it an even more attractive choice for anglers as it only means that you’ll have more choice for different conditions. The action of this lure is also surreal as you notice it slowly and gently falling underwater, mimicking the movement that of a real, delectable shrimp.


  • Built to catch inshore fishes with its realistic appearance, from its body, tail and even its legs.
  • Has a 3D, crystal/prism finish that renders it a very dazzling appearance that won’t fail to capture the attention of fishes.
  • It mimics the movement that of a real, delectable shrimp.


  • A bit expensive for a lure.
  • Not durable at all as claimed by users.

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