Best Bass Fishing Rod of 2016

Best Bass Fishing Rod

Best Bass Fishing Rod

What Is The Best Bass Fishing Rod?

It is already common knowledge that the rod is a necessity when it comes to fishing, however, having just any rod is already as good as having none at all. You can’t wish with half amount dedication to the game and if you want to have a bucket full of delectable fishes, then it is always empirical to have the most outstanding equipment especially when you’re vying for a trophy-sized bass. Without a doubt, you’ll need the best bass fishing rod to overcome such feat.

Bass is one of the most staple target of anglers as fishing for them not only poses quite a challenge, it is also very rewarding once you garner even one gigantic bass. To have a shot at climbing such feat, the best bass fishing rod will surely be essential. When catching basses, you’ll definitely be preparing a certain bait or lure, and even use specific tactics to increase your chances. To use those lure, bait or techniques, the appropriate rod that is compatible with them is definitely a must-have.

Getting the best bass fishing rod is undoubtedly more complex than you may have initially imagined. You need to take into account the materials of the rod and for what purpose, technique or lure will you use it. Of course, you should also take into account your physical aspect and preference. Only then will you be able to formulate what product you really need. To start off your search, give this list a try and see if any of them suits your taste.

1. Falcon Bucoo Casting Rod

Falcon Bucoo Casting Rod

This Bucoo Casting Rod also known as the Bucoo Micro Casting Rod, which is an improvement on the Bucoo line of products from the renowned brand of Falcon, is a state-of-the-art equipment that’s extremely powerful just as it is versatile and very easy to use as well. It comes in a wide array of models built and developed for specific types of techniques, baits and lures, which may prove to offer optimum performance, but can also be a bit tricky for beginners.

This casting rod is unquestionably one of the lightest options available today as it only weighs a stunning 4 ounces. It’s built with high-quality and topnotch materials that provide it a seamless construction, integrated with features that will surely bring you fishing at its finest. It boasts a guide built with Fuji materials and a blank reel seat that’s exposed. Its blanks are made on America with FXB Graphite which guarantees its high quality, durability and performance.

The micro guide of the casting rod also guarantees superior control and accuracy with your casts which will allow you to explicit your full potential. It has unparalleled sensitivity along with a split-handle that’s infused with a grip that’s topped with EVA foam for utmost comfort.


  • Lightweight casting rod that’s durable and built with high-end features that will give you a stunning fishing experience.
  • Boasts Fuji-made micro guides, American-made blanks with FXB Graphite material and a Blank Reel seat, which guarantees the product’s accurate and topnotch performance.
  • Has ergonomic grip handle with EVA Foam and excellent sensitivity.


  • Expensive.
  • Wide array of specific models may prove to be overwhelming for beginners.
  • Some had durability problems with the product.

2. Phenix M1 Casting Rod

Phenix M1 Casting Rod

It is plain to see from this product’s state-of-the-art appearance why it is considered to be one of the best products today that you definitely wouldn’t want to pass up. This specific line of product from Phenix is built to cater to bass fishing, making it an incredibly enticing offer for those who are planning to get serious in hunting for basses.

This rod is most proud of its top characteristics that includes balance or stability, power and sensitivity. With this kind of combination all in the 8 models available from the product, you’ll surely be able to capture the trophy-sized basses you’ve always dreamed of. This sleek casting rod is engineered to perfection and built with nothing short of the most advanced, updated and breathtaking materials and technologies that unquestionably makes it a viable choice for anyone.

It’s made with carbon-fiber nanotube tech, which is a cutting edge technology on the industry that allows it to explicit a stunningly sensitive characteristic, power and durability. It comes in a custom and unique reel seat paired up with SIC guides for optimum stability, accuracy and performance. You’ll also be able to maximize your fishing prowess even more with its comfortable grip with durable EVA foam. Through the help of this phenomenal casting rod, you’ll surely be able to conquer your fishing trip more than ever.


  • Comes in stunning, unique and cutting edge carbon-fiber nanotube tech that provides the product with superior power, durability and sensitivity.
  • Boasts SIC Guides and custom, unique reel seat that provides the product with optimum stability, accuracy and performance.
  • Provides comfortable grip handle designed with EVA Foam so you’ll have a hassle-free fishing trip.


  • Expensive.
  • Some users didn’t like the faux carbon-finish of the product.

3. St. Croix Legend Extreme

St. Croix Legend Extreme

Without a doubt, this legend Extreme from St. Croix is part of the most expensive products in the market today, but with it comes stellar features and characteristics that definitely makes it a cut above the others. It’s developed with the most cutting-edge, innovative and never-before-seen technologies that guarantees the stellar performance which it claims to have.

It is made from America which reinforces its high-quality claim while it also boasts sensitivity that’s definitely unsurpassable in the industry. It comes with materials and technologies that minimizes its weight while it also boasts a stunning blank feature that renders superior improvement in sensitivity. The product is integrated with an ‘Advanced Reinforcing Technology’ that improves the power, durability and strength of the product which also contributes to its overall performance.

It has Fuji Guides with Tangle-free feature for hassle-free experience along with SIC rings and frames that makes it compatible with a wide array of lines. It has a construction that dries easily, repels water, slime and dirt, all while providing superior comfort through its ergonomically shaped handle.


  • Integrated with the most stunning features and technologies such as Taper Enhancement, Advanced Reinforcing and Integrated Poly-curve Tooling Technologies, which contributes to the product’s overall power, durability and topnotch performance.
  • Highly sensitive product due to its different components like its SCV Graphite that comes from the High-modulus category, and Fuji Reel seat.
  • Has ergonomic and uniquely-shaped handle that provides superior grip and comfort.


  • Extremely Expensive.
  • Not lightweight.

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