Best Canoe for Fishing of 2016

Best Canoe for Fishing

Best Canoe for Fishing

What is the Best Canoe for Fishing?

If you’re looking to get buckets of fishes during your fishing expeditions, it is definitely not enough to just get a suitable place on land where you can cast and get those fishes swarming over you. Serious anglers tend to be more immersive on the experience and instead of just waiting for the fishes, the next thing you can do is go to them yourself using the best canoe for fishing.

Using canoes is already a common concept on fishing, however, the best canoe for fishing can’t be just any canoe. Buying this kind of equipment is undeniably a huge investment and you definitely would want nothing short of the most helpful and stable choice that will provide you with the most excellent experience. It must be something sturdy to handle all your load and incredibly stable that you can even stand on it, which will give you support when reeling in your prey. Preferably, it should also be maneuverable so you can get to the most ideal fishing spots more easily.

There are varieties of canoes available in the market and picking the best canoe for fishing from one of them can definitely be considered a nigh impossible feat if you’re going to do it yourself. If you’re not the type to patiently scour a huge number of choices, then start off with the best ones that are on this list which may just end your search right off the bat.

1. Sun Dolphin Mackinaw Square Stern Canoe

Sun Dolphin Mackinaw Square Stern Canoe

A clear favorite of anglers worldwide is this canoe which combines durability, stability, performance and even space, which will all be essential for a great fishing trip whether you’re going solo, as a pair or even in a group of three.

This canoe is roomy enough to support three passengers and you will have nothing to worry about as it combines the stability and durability of a rugged Polyethylene construction of high density along with a square-back transom that’s incredibly sturdy and reliable enough to give you utmost stability even when using electric motor. You can either go paddling or breeze through rivers by equipping it with a motor.

Though the maneuverability of the product is quite average, it is definitely enough to keep guide you to the most ideal fishing spots that will give you glorious catches by the end of the day. Aside from those, it also boasts spacious compartments for your equipment, tools and essentials, while it provides dry and cool seating that will guarantee your comfort during the expedition. Each seat built on the canoe is equipped with their corresponding cup holder for optimum convenience that will surely benefit you whether you’re in a fishing trip or just a casual stroll.


  • Has rugged and durable design with its Polyethylene construction with high-density along with a reliable and sturdy square-back transom.
  • Can be used for paddling or even when using motor.
  • Can accommodate up to 3 passengers each with comfortable seat and corresponding cup holders.
  • Has spacious compartments and incredibly stable which is perfect for fishing.


  • Not the most maneuverable canoe.
  • Its hull is not very durable especially on rocky waters. Expensive.

2. Wenonah Fusion

Wenonah Fusion

Just as its name suggests, this state-of-the-art equipment from We-no-nah is one of the most outstanding choice today especially if you’re looking for something with the feel of a kayak that provides supreme maneuverability and speed. Though there are some concerns with the size of this kayak that renders 12-inch deep and 13-feet length structure, it is surprisingly lighter than other competition today.

It mimics the form that of a kayak, but built with the durability, reliability and stability of a canoe, making it a huge hit for those who are looking for a versatile choice that will definitely deliver. It’s made of top grade materials that guarantees that this product is one of the most durable canoe today and also one of the lightest.

It is also partnered with one-piece aluminum gunwales and is certainly recommended for those who have a long fishing trip planned on their list. The gunwale of the product is also very easy-to-repair and replace while it has an ergonomic, adjustable and removable seat that will serve superior comfort to its user.

This fusion from We-no-nah lives up to the speed of their line of products while it definitely won’t have a compromised durability as it is already proven to be a great canoe for fishing. It’s also integrated with a stunning rudder Smart Track system that aims to improve the product’s speed, maneuverability and tracking abilities.


  • Durable, reliable and stable canoe with the maneuverability and speed of a kayak.
  • Made with top grade materials and has one-piece aluminum gunwales, ergonomic and comfortable seat and dry ride.
  • Integrated with a unique rudder Smart Track System for improved maneuverability and tracking, serving full control to user.


  • Though it’s light, some users had concerns with the product’s size.
  • Not the most spacious choice.
  • Expensive.

3. Old Town Guide 147

Old Town Guide 147

One of the most classic choices available that has been raved by users worldwide since its release is this Old Town Guide 147, that’s proven to provide a stable, durable and comfortable ride which will certainly give you the best fishing experience you’ve ever had. Whether you’re up for fishing or you’re just going to take a serene trip to explore nature, this old town guide is undoubtedly a great companion that won’t fail you.

It is constructed with a phenomenal 3-layered polyethylene material that makes it incredibly durable, sturdy and lightweight all at the same time. Supporting this exquisitely durable build is the product’s sophisticated wide beam that renders stunning and topnotch support which makes it an incredible product that won’t wiggle while fishing or even taking photography.

To add up to the product’s stability, its bottom is also arched exquisitely to make it budge-proof even from waves which makes it an excellent user-friendly choice even for first-timers. It can handle up to two people and features a comfortable, padded and molded seats integrated with backrests to support you during your trip.


  • Incredibly durable, sturdy and lightweight with its 3-layered polyethylene construction.
  • Provides superior stability with its wide beam and slightly-arched bottom even when faced with waves making it very user and beginner friendly.
  • Has molded and padded seats integrated with backrests for superior comfort and support during your trip.


  • Expensive.
  • Not the most spacious canoe.

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