Best Crankbaits for Bass of 2016

Best Crankbaits for Bass

Best Crankbaits for Bass

What is the Best Crankbaits for Bass?

Bass fishing is unquestionably one of the biggest and most trendy category joined in by many anglers today. Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on monstrous-sized basses that will truly be worth a boast to your friends, right? However, getting to the point where you’ll be able to subdue trophy-sized prey will only be possible if you have the right item to back your game up and in this case, you need to stock up on the best crankbaits for bass.

There’s a lot of excellent reasons why you just need to have the best crankbaits for bass if you’re ever setting your eyes on surpassing all other anglers with your catches. Many of the choices today are versatile enough to cater to your every needs in any season or situation. Some also have better actions, movement and durability than their competition. With a whole league of difference between the performances of the pinnacle products from the regular products, it is only essential to be intricate during your search.

With the limited space on your tackle box, it is only logical that you’d want nothing short of an item that’s a cut above the others as it will surely help you get more for than what you’ve paid for them. In the hope that I can be of help to other anglers out there, I have list down some of the best crankbaits for bass which I’ve encountered to work splendidly over the rest.

1. Livetarget Bait Ball Square Bill

Livebait Bait Ball Square Bill

A single glimpse is all you need to tell apart this topnotch crankbait from all the other products in the market. Though countless products exists in this category today, this crankbait from Live target didn’t fail to make a distinction to itself that has made in a legendary bait to have in your tackle box.

Though its outer layer comes in a traditionally-designed, transparent crankbait, it houses two realistic and beautifully made baitfish lures. This shad with threadfin protecting this two fishes are what you may know as bait ball and with this defensive measure, the bait shows a stunning figure that mimics that of a school of fishes. For basses, nothing is definitely more enticing than a group meal that won’t leave them hanging and this is definitely the one that they’ll believe will hit the right spot on their tummies.

This floating bait will certainly make those fishes’ mouth water in excitement as they entice hungry fishes to make haste to their direction. The cover of this phenomenal bait is also sturdy and its lip that’s designed with a square shape deflect-off cover.


  • A Floating traditionally designed crankbait lure that will definitely help you lure basses and other predator fishes.
  • Its cover comes in traditional crankbait design but it houses two realistic bait-fish lures to mimic a delectable school of fishes.
  • The exterior will provide superior defense for the bait fishes as it moves realistically on shallow waters.


  • A bit expensive for a lure.
  • Some users claimed that the design of the products makes it prone to getting the damage from the hook.

2. Duo Realis Crankbait M65

Duo Realis Crankbait M65

Created and developed by the one and only Mr. Hajime Murata, the Duo Realis is a one-of-a-kind brand that continuously progressed and amazed the industry with its products. There are several crankbaits within the array of products from this brand ad this m65 is the most epic of them all. It’s the first crankbait released by the brand and its splendid 65mm size and design makes it incredibly scrumptious for bass. This is because it mimics many of the bottom dwellers which the bass feeds on.

The m65 model comes in a dual model to give the convenience of picking what style you want to do for your particular fishing venture. Though many loves the 8A version whose action provides a deliberate movement that seamlessly swims down up to an 8-feet depth, there are also many who loves the 11A version that’s available on the model as well. The 11A provides an enticing wobbling movement that swims seamlessly down to a much deeper maximum depth than the 8A model which is about 11 feet.

What makes the bait even more appealing is its lifelike and realistic design consisting of its intricately-made scales topped with an attention-to-detail in terms of its size and colors. The bulging 3D eyes of the bait makes it even more lifelike paired up with a treble hook that’s bound to capture you some bass with its sharpness. This bait’s design allows it to cast effortlessly while its action reassures you that baits will certainly go for it, the moment it meets with their horizons.


  • Lifelike and realistic design through its intricately-made scales, colors, size and bulging eyes.
  • Comes in two models – the 11A and 8A with different movement and max depth.
  • Paired up with treble hook that’s extremely sharp and a body construction that makes it easy to cast.


  • A bit expensive for a lure.
  • Doesn’t do well for deflection techniques.

3. Rapala Shad Rap

Rapala Shad Rap

When Rapala had set its eyes on developing a seductive baitfish that’s bound to entice basses with its appearance and action, paired up with a sleek casting action and seamless dive, they have developed this Shad Rap that goes beyond what anglers would have expected.

This hard bait has been proven to be one of the most exemplary as it has become a staple weapon for those who have won vast numbers of tournaments before. This amazing crankbait is available in various colors, all coming with extremely fine details paired up with a scrumptious bleeding effect that basses will surely find appetizing.

Its construction consists of the pinnacle-grade balsa wood that makes it superior in terms of durability while its design allows it to exhibit a beautiful, lifelike wobbling action that will certainly entice different species of underwater dwelling creatures which includes the basses, pike, trout, salmon and even walleye. This shad rap has become a classic in the industry and it even presents a line of different models all varying in terms of size and weight which affects its max-depth. This gives you the capability to choose exactly what you need if you have a specific max-depth target.


  • Has lifelike, realistic appearance with extremely fine finish topped with scrumptious bleeding effect that will surely appetize basses, pike, trout, salmon and walleyes.
  • Has sleek design that provides it a seamless, wobbling action with casting movement like that of a bullet.
  • Comes in different colors, sizes and weight which makes it incredibly versatile for anglers.


  • There are users who had experienced problems with quality inconsistency.
  • Some users claimed that the finish of the lure degrades after some time.

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