Best Freshwater Fishing Rod of 2016

Best Freshwater Fishing Rod

Best Freshwater Fishing Rod

What is the Best Freshwater Fishing Rod?

Every fly fishing venture you may have will only be possible with the perfect fishing rod. However, contrary to what many may be thinking, a single fishing rod won’t be enough for all your ventures. The rod you may be using for saltwater creatures may not be the one that would let you reel in a big haul once you’re in the freshwater area. This is why it’s impeccably important to have the best freshwater fishing rod on your arsenal as well.

There’s a variety of rods out there and each of them differs from one another in different aspects. Some may be more flexible than the other; some may be noticeably longer than its competition; while some may also be more durable than the products you may have already tried. However, the best freshwater fishing rod will also have that certain compatibility with lures and baits that are essential to freshwater fishing.

It is definitely important to pick the right weapon for your fishing adventure. Getting the right one will definitely incur so much advantages that’s more than what you can count. To give you a jump start to your searching stage, you may start with this list of the best freshwater fishing rod that I’ve diligently scoured across the sea of internet, that’s bound to give you the ecstatic experience you wish to have.

1. Fenwick Freshwater HMG Casting Rods

Fenwick Freshwater HMG Casting Rods

Fenwick has definitely revolutionized fishing and angling in its entirety through its stunning graphite feature paired up with more stunning improvements that you’ll surely love. It’s paired up with high-compression strength and topnotch durability and protection with its fiber of Carbon-veil hoop.

This superb and iconic HMG Rod has truly made a mark on the industry with its phenomenal TAC Handle that provides unparalleled grip whatever fishing condition you may meet. Its superior grip will give you that perfect control and stability and you cast and battle with your prey while also guaranteeing that it’s highly durable and powerful.

What also makes it even more revolutionary is the fact that your grip will surely be far more improved as it gets wet. It has guides made of Deep-pressed titanium that are extremely durable, bulletproof and can completely eradicate the possibility of insert popping out unprecedentedly. Its handles are also paired up with custom-grooved blend of EVA and TAC that also brings exemplary comfort. This lightweight casting rod is truly addicting to use and even with its price, you’ll surely feel that it’s worth the purchase.


  • Has superior durability and strength with its Carbon-Veil Hoop and high-compression strength.
  • It has stellar TAC handle blended with EVA material for superior grip and comfort that even improves when it gets wet.
  • Has stunning graphite blank that provides surreal sensitivity.


  • Expensive.
  • Some had problems with the strong blanks of the rods.

2. Pinnacle Powertip Gold Fishing Rods

Pinnacle Powertip Gold Fishing Rods

Increase your haul by leaps and bounds with the help of this stupefying rod that’s built with topnotch features which will surely redefine your fishing experience. Its dual-layered Powertip construction that’s exclusive to the brand, brings unparalleled and unique durability to it that will surely withstand any of your fishing expedition that makes it a truly versatile piece of equipment that’s a must-have for your arsenal.

It has a tip made of fiberglass with extremely strong features that provides it with superior strength and durability. It has a mouthwatering diamond-wrapped hand-tied custom paired up with black frame that’s anodized and built with black inserts for a sophisticated structure you’ll surely love. Its steel hoods is astoundingly sturdy and has stainless features while its handle that’s integrated with non-slip EVA will provide you with comfortable and notable grip that will bring you superior control and stability as you cast and wait for a fish to grab your lure or bait.


  • Has stunning and unique Dual-layered Powertip Construction that makes it incredibly durable.
  • Possess beautifully-made tip with fiberglass construction that’s durable and powerful.
  • Has comfortable non-slip EVA handle that provides superior control and stability during your fishing activity.


  • Some users had experienced some flaws on its aesthetic aspects.
  • It’s a bit stiffer than other products out there.

3. Shimano Bushy Lure Legend Fishing Rod

Shimano Bushy Lure Legend Fishing Rod

With the legendary pair-up of Shimano, one of the most revered brand in the industry today, and the iconic angler, Bushy, along with the topnotch builder of rods, Ian Miller – you’ll certainly be able to expect that this rod will truly live up to its name of being a legend.

It’s highly functional and though its price may be quite expensive compared to other choices in the market, you’ll surely be able to catch more fish with ease through its help. This excellent rod is designed to bring you huge hauls much easier than ever whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional already.

This graphite-rod is extremely lightweight and durable that comes in two pieces, fitted together with high-end corks that gives it superior durability and sturdiness. It provides ecstatic sensitivity that will make you notice even the tiniest reaction from your bait while its lightweight prowess renders sleek and hassle-free casting. Though it may be specifically built to help you capture those aussie species from queenies, jacks, murray, cods and more, this legendary rod will still perform exemplary on other fishing expeditions you may have.


  • Lightweight Graphite-rod bound by superior cork grips that provides sleek casting prowess for ecstatic fishing experience.
  • It’s a rod that’s built with all the ideas and features from renowned icons and figures like the Shimano brand, Bushy and Ian Miller.
  • Extremely reliable, durable and versatile piece of equipment with ergonomic seat for reels and superior handles for maximum grip and control.


  • Expensive.
  • Some users had problems with its stiff construction.

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