Best Lake Trout Lures of 2016

Best Lake Trout Lures

Best Lake Trout Lures

What is the Best Lake Trout Lures?

One of the places where most trout can be found are on the still waters of lakes that will surely give you a nice, peaceful experience that will give you a nice solo time or even bond with your child or family. Of course, during your fishing venture, you would want to have your bucket filled with your catch and to do so, you need to have the best lake trout lures in your tackle box.

There are different lures that works for different scenarios. Some of the best lake trout lures may not work just as excellent on rivers and streams, but it will definitely ace what you need if you’re going to fish on lakes or even other bodies of water that are still. Also, choosing in this category may also be seasonal because you need to base your pick on where you can find the trout. There are baits that work only for top-water while others work like magic on the deep parts of the lake.

Many anglers definitely deem catching lake trout to be one of the most challenging prey, but with the best lake trout lures stocked on your tackle box, you can definitely rest assured that you’ll be reeling in tons of catch within the duration of your venture. Here are some of the most ideal picks that have astounded users with their success which can just be what you need.

1. Panther Martin Spinner

Panther Martin Spinner

If you consider yourself to be a part of the serious league of fishers today, then you definitely must add this spinner to your tackle box and indulge yourself on the sweet catches it will help you make. This is undoubtedly deemed by many as the best and most stunning spinner that’s guaranteed to be deadly to trout.

It’s been a favorite of many anglers out there for decades and is an incredible game-changer and a legendary lure that’s bound to give you everything you need for your trip. When you cast this state-of-the-art bait, you’ll be amazed at its quick and fast movement that mimics that of a bullet. It spins perfectly and latches seamlessly on trout that bites it, giving it an instant deadly blow that will guarantee you a stellar catch.

Aside from its sleekly-designed blades that spins easily and quickly compared to its competition, this product also comes in various colors that you’ll surely love to collect on your tackle box. It performs incredibly well and is absolutely a bang for your buck. It’s made with high quality materials that makes it perform at its topnotch condition, always giving you the best in every cast you make.


  • Incredibly designed spinner with weighted body that spins perfectly quicker and easier compared to its competition.
  • Has hooks that are extremely sharp that guarantees deadly blow for fish that bites on it.
  • Casts quickly and beautifully, performs magnificently and is definitely a bang for your buck.


  • Durability.
  • Some users had a bit of difficulty in using it.

2. Mepps Little Wolf

Mepps Little Wolf

For those anglers that falls in the category of spoon lovers, then you’d definitely get your breathe taken away by this outstanding, vibrant spoon that will render you with the qualities you need to trick and catch those trout seamlessly.

This ruggedly designed, state-of-the-art spoon lure is constructed with durable and tough solid brass which will guarantee you that it will be on your tackle box for long times to come. Its solid brass construction also contributes to its rust-proof or tarnish-proof nature that will preserve its stunning beauty for as long as you have it. What also helps in getting those trout and other fishes going crazy for this spoon, is its silver plating feature that boosts its attractiveness to the roof.

Its silver plating not only gives it a more durable, tougher and more beautiful finish – it also gives it a special skill that involves the occasional flashing made by the silver material. With this occasional flashing, you’re bound to get the attention of a trout or two within moments. To render you that sure catch, the hooks of this spoon are razor sharp which will unquestionably be the worst nightmare those trout will ever have.


  • Has durable construction with its solid brass material that gives it unsurpassable toughness, durability, rust-proof and tarnish-proof features.
  • Has beautiful silver plating that improves its exceptional finish as it also flashes to help you catch the attention of your prey even more.
  • Has hooks that are razor sharp which will guarantee to be a deadly nightmare for any prey that bites on it.


  • A bit tricky to use.
  • Some users didn’t like how it performed on field.

3. Berkley Gulp! Trout Worm

Berkley Gulp! Trout Worm

There are times when everything goes down the wrong way with your innovative lure and in such cases, the classics will always save your day. One of the most common and dominant lure even back in the old days are worms and if you’re not the one who’d get real worms on your hands, then you’d definitely want to get a lure that mimics that of the real ones really well. This floating worm fits that description incredibly well and it is specifically built to keep those trout tempted and drooling in hunger.

What makes this selection even more mesmerizing is the fact that this floating worm comes with the brand’s most famous Gulp Solution that renders it superior attracting powers. Its buoyancy is topnotch and its floating action is definitely lifelike. This classic, supreme bait choice for anglers definitely lives up to its reputation and the fact that many loves and swears on it, only proves that it is what it says it is.


  • Classic bait loved by tons of anglers for its versatility, durability and likeliness to real worm.
  • A stellar bait from the Gulp line of products from Berkley which provides it with topnotch attractive ingredients that will make those trout go crazy for it.
  • Floats and moves magnificently that will entice trout even more.


  • There are some users who claimed that its buoyancy is not that amazing.
  • Not the most durable bait.

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