Best Ocean Fishing Kayak of 2016

Best Ocean Fishing Kayak

Best Ocean Fishing Kayak

What is the Best Ocean Fishing Kayak?

The ocean is definitely biggest hunting ground for anglers out there, containing every possible water-dwelling creatures you can ever think of. Phenomenal and outstanding as it sounds, the difficulty of traversing and fishing on this huge body of water is way above fishing on rivers or any other places. In such a big field, you’ll miss out on everything if you just stay on shore which is why it is very essential to invest on the best ocean fishing kayak.

Finding the best ocean fishing kayak is just as hard as finding a specific fish in the ocean, but with the help of a little effort and the internet, you’re bound to one that will fit the descriptions you’re looking for. Just always remember that in searching, being careful and intricate will play a lot of role if you truly wish to find the one that will help you overcome any venture you have on your list.

Without a doubt, you have to find the best ocean fishing kayak that will offer you ease of mobility, speed, durability, space and of course, stability that will allow you to fish with your top potential. With such a huge line of requirements, I know that you’ll have a tough time if you go over kayaks one by one, which is why I have cut down the list of the most viable choices and formulated this list with few of the best ocean fishing kayak today that will satiate your needs for fishing.

1. Native Watercraft Slayer 14.5 Kayak

Native Watercraft Slayer 14.5 Kayak

This state-of-the-art Kayak will truly blow you away with its beast-like speed that outperforms the competition by a wide margin. Its design boasts a stunning figure of 14 feet and 6 inches length while its beam provides a 30 inches beam for you to get cozy on. Though it may not be as maneuverable as its competition, its speed will surely play a huge role on ocean fishing especially if you want to cover more field during your fishing venture.

This kayak's beam is only 30 inches – some may feel a bit uncomfortable with its stability, but with the right position, you’ll surely have a relaxing time with the kayak and still be able to exhibit your glorious casts. Though its beam may feel lacking for some, the kayak will make up for it with its hull that’s hard chined in order to bring the kayak a secondary stability that will prove to be helpful in any scenarios you meet on the wide ocean.

It also comes with a comfortable and secured seat that will keep you company during your trip along with foot braces that are adjustable enough to give room for variety of sizes of paddlers. If you have fishing electronics with you, the kayak will help you place them on your boat more efficiently with its six groove-track rails that are pre-installed. It also has paddle holders to accommodate your paddles while you fish in the middle of the sea while it also has enough room for you to build your own dry storage for your essentials.


  • Outperforms its competition when it comes to speed through its beautifully designed structure with 30 inches of beam and a 14 feet and 6 inches length.
  • Has hulls that are hard chined to keep the boat stable and responsive.
  • Has comfortable seat, adjustable foot-braces and enough room to accommodate your things.


  • Expensive.
  • Not very maneuverable and stable.
  • Heavy.

2. Wilderness Systems Thresher 155

Wilderness Systems Thresher 155

Built to explore the vast and the biggest ground for anglers – the ocean – this thresher will certainly provide you with the speed, efficiency and versatility you need to make your journey ever more successful. This kayak has a width of about 30 inches with a max capacity to accommodate a total of 450 pounds of weight.

Though it is a bit heavy, it packs a lot of features that will truly be satisfying for your trip. Its gorgeous hull makes it possible for anglers to paddle to long places with its stunning speed. It has rails with ample volume to make phenomenally compatible in traversing the sea in a stable and predictable structure you’d love. You can also store your equipment more easily with its spacious compartments along with a specific Pod OS for your electronic essentials such as your fish finder, cables, batteries and more.

It has a sturdy, dry bow hatch and center pod along with a tank-well on the rear that will provide a more accessible storage for things that you need quick access on during your fishing trip. Your seating on this gorgeous kayak is even more reassured as it features a unique and revolutionary Air Pro Phase 3 Seating system paired up with foot braces that are extremely adjustable.


  • Flaunts unrivaled speed, stability and predictability which makes it easy to paddle and cover lots of distances in a short amount of time.
  • Provides sturdy hull, rails with ample amount of volume, durable swells and graceful bows, which equates to an excellent ride.
  • Has ample amount of room and lots of compartment like its Pod OS, Bow hatch, tank well on the rear and more. Provides
  • Provides comfortable and secure seating with foot braces that are adjustable along with a unique Air Pro Phase 3 Seating System.


  • Extremely Expensive.
  • Heavy.

3. Ocean Kayak Ultra 4.7

Ocean Kayak Ultra 4.7

This kayak’s name says it all – it’s unquestionably made for the tough and wide area for fishing which is the ocean, making it one of the best choices to invest on for your ocean fishing trip. This improved version of the brand’s Trident line of product makes use of the best features of their various models – from the own line of trident products paired up with the stunning features of prowlers.

This combination resulted to this breathtaking hybrid that will give you the capability to conquer the ocean and give you the sweet ride you deserve during your fishing venture. Its state-of-the-art design boasts a bow with ample volume that provides dry ride, while its structure render it a moderate rocking movement for a gentle smooth ride, topped up with tracking assist through its topnotch tail.

It takes pride on its speed that will get you anywhere you want in the fastest way possible for any kayak, while keeping you comfortable and cozy with its deluxe seat. It comes with a rudder to allow you to relax during your trip while its rear compartment provides a spacious place for your arsenal and your rewards after your venture.


  • Incredibly fast kayak that combines the prowess of Ocean Kayak’s Trident and Prowler line of products.
  • Comes with a beautifully designed structure that will provide a stable, smooth ride along with a topnotch tail fin that will contribute to tracking.
  • Provides comfortable seat and a rudder for worry-free and hassle-free fishing.
  • Has a spacious rear compartment for your arsenal and rewarding catches.


  • Extremely Expensive.
  • Not the most stable since it only has 29.1 inches of width.
  • Heavy

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