Best River Fishing Kayak of 2016

Best River Fishing Kayak

Best River Fishing Kayak

What is the Best River Fishing Kayak?

Fishing beside the perfect river can give you nice hauls as you take that trip back to your home, however, what’s better than this is if you can paddle your way through the river and go to the spots where the best schools of fishes can be reached. To give you the capability to do exactly that, the best river fishing kayak is undeniably the first thing you’d need.

Though the best river fishing kayak may not exactly be what your purse would love to purchase, it’s still a necessary equipment if you would love to upgrade your angling experience and fish within a wider territory that you used to. Not only will it improve your experience and skills, it will also give you a better haul that will leave you addicted to it.

Still, it’s not easy to get the product that’s incomparable with the other options in the market. You’ll have to put a considerable amount of effort just to narrow your view, and then carefully pick the ones that you think, will be the best companion you’ll have for any of your trip. If you feel like it’s going to be risky, then why not give this list of the best river fishing kayak I’ve cooked up as I have searched on the internet, which will help you get the best angling experience you can have.

1. Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game II Angler

Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game II Angler

This sleek model kayak is undoubtedly the perfect partner for any angler out there who’s looking for a high-performance kayak with abundant space that will certainly be enough to carry all your belongings and equipment as you paddle your way on the luscious fishing spots on any rivers.

This improvement of the Big Game Kayak has undeniably surpassed its predecessor with a huge margin, giving superior versatility and prowess that will leave you wanting more. It has mounting brackets that are placed at ideal locations of the Kayak that can easily be used without the drilling part that surely proved to be a hassle.

The paddler and the kayak will certainly seem like one as this beautifully-made kayak boasts an Element Seating-system that provides sleek connection, security and stability to the user. With this seating-system, you’ll be secured in place in the most comfortable way, giving you nothing to worry about even if you get caught up in rigorous rapids along the way. It also has huge bow-hatch paired up with a cover that can easily be sealed with a click.

It has a foot brace-system called ‘Glide Track’ that makes it easily adjustable and contributes to its easy-to-use prowess. The kayak is also easy and comfortable to transport with its durable carrying handles. It’s made with polyethylene and weighs 70 pounds while having the capacity to carry up to 600 pounds.


  • Extremely durable polyethylene constructed Kayak with plenty of rooms for your equipment and has sleek design that makes it incredibly versatile and perfect for your fishing experience.
  • It has mounting plates that amounts up to 6 and a very adjustable foot brace-system.
  • Has sleek Element Seating-system that provides superior security, stability and safety to paddler and it can carry up to 600 pounds with ease.


  • Extremey expensive.
  • Larger than other kayaks which others may find inconvenient.
  • Not the most agile kayak.

2. Malibu Kayak X-13

Malibu Kayak X-13

Ask other anglers and they’ll surely point you towards this great Kayak that has certainly made it to countless consumers’ top list. This cross performance kayak is incredibly versatile just as it is very agile and fast.

Even though it has a sleek design that can even qualify it to be a racing Kayak, it’s still integrated with ample room for everything you need during your fishing expedition. Its ample space even includes about 4 rear rod-holders if you’re planning to have an extensive fishing expedition. It has a hull transducer-area to accommodate your fish-finder for a more comfortable experience while its cup-holder contribute to the product’s overall versatility.

It has a foot tracking system that’s highly adjustable to give you more stability as you kayak through the river while it comes with shock-cord cleats and drain plug as well. It has a sleek bungee-storage at its rear along with a gator hatch and eyelets that are threaded to perfection. If you’re looking to give your Malibu Kayak more improvement, you can also choose to add it up with 5-gallon bait bucket equipped with pumping kit, a cross platform wing console and a round hatch paired up on a rudder-system.


  • Built with tons of features from its molded cup-holder, gator hatch, shock-cord cleats and more that makes it incredibly versatile.
  • It has ample space, and a sleek foot tracking system that provides it with superior stability, versatility and usefulness.
  • It has an innovative design that makes it incredibly quick.
  • Has optional features like a wing console, rudder system and even a bait bucket.


  • Expensive.
  • Some users had a hard time making turns with this device.

3. Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

Whether you’re up for a solo expedition or a pair-up or even a three-way family adventure through the river, this kayak will certainly be the perfect companion you’ll want to have. It has a sleek and phenomenal design that brings it an ergonomic and roomy seating that can accommodate up to three paddlers with ease.

Its ergonomic seating provides comfortable backrests padding that explicit topnotch support throughout your journey. It has ample space on its storage hatch that spans about 6 inches that will surely be enough to keep your essentials packed securely throughout your adventure. Despite its rather large physique, this product is still lighter than other products out there as it provides a dry ride as well through its cockpit area filled with scupper holes for superior draining.

It has a sleek hull-design that renders it an over-the-top stability feature while you can even choose to pump up your experience with an electric motor or even a rudder system to boost your speed. It is also UV-protected to help protect and maintain its aesthetic and durability. It is also made with polyethylene of high-density to guarantee you its durability.


  • Highly durable choice with high-density Polyethylene construction that’s lighter than other products.
  • Provides sleek stability and a dry ride with its topnotch ergonomic seating filled with scupper holes for superior draining prowess.
  • Can accommodate up to 3 people and provides comfortable seating with padded backrests for ultimate experience.
  • Has ample space to keep every essentials you have during your trip and has topnotch footrests.


  • Expensive.
  • Some had problems using it with three people especially while fishing.

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