Best Telescopic Fishing Rod of 2016

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

What is the Best Telescopic Fishing Rod?

Not all your fly fishing ventures should be planned. There are times when you will just be taking a trip or a stroll, then you’ll see a nice spot and you’ll feel that urge to just sit down, rig your rod with what you’ve got and just let time fly away as you indulge yourself on the sweet time you’ll be experiencing. If you’re that type of dedicated angler, then the best telescopic fishing rod will surely prove to be a companion you’d love.

Being telescopic also refers to the ability of telescope to collapse and become more easy-to-carry than other options on the market. This is just what the best telescoping fishing rods do which makes them incredibly portable, compact and very easy to carry. It is also why there are tons out there who’s looking for nothing short of the best option that they can pull from the market.

There are countless claims of products, stating that they’re at the top, but as far as you may have already realized, there’s no way that all of them are on top and that some of them are all laying down flowery foods for marketing. However, some of them are the real deal and this list of best telescopic fishing rod I’ve prepared may just give you some of the viable options today that will serve you with the satisfaction you deserve.

1. Shimano Telescopic Fishing Rod

Shimano Telescopic Fishing Rod

Get your fishing gear ready and packed in the most compact way with this iconic telescopic fishing rod from Shimano that definitely stood out from the crowd of competition in the market today. This surreal fishing rod, when paired up with the hyper-loop reel from the brand, will give you the most phenomenal combination which will surely help you catch any species of fish you lay your eyes on. Amp your arsenal with stunning rigs and lures and you’ll definitely find yourself reeling in buckets of fishes in a single trip. This stunning rod shortens seamlessly, but when you do use it, you’ll be able to use a 12-foot rod that’s bound to give you a stunning casting distance and fishing prowess. It can collapse up to 76cm and is designed to use lures up to a weight of 10 to 40 grams with line that can withstood up to 10 kilograms. It is also built with a glass tip that provides superior sensitivity that’s extremely durable as well.


  • Extremely compact travel rod that spans 76 centimeters when collapsed and can expand up to 12-foot.
  • Easy to use and seamlessly transform with easy while providing topnotch durability that’s designed to hold 10 to 40 grams lure with line that can withstood up to 10 kilograms.
  • Built with a glass tip that’s durable and highly sensitive for smooth fishing activity.


  • Not the cheapest.
  • Isn’t the most durable option 

2. Trout Fly Fish Carbon Telescoping Rod and Reel Combo

Trout Fly Fish Carbon Telescoping Rod and Reel Combo

With a revolutionary structure made of Carbon, this telescoping rod takes fishing to new heights by introducing a lighter, much sturdier companion that’s bound to stay strong and durable throughout the countless fishing expeditions you may have planned ahead during your lifetime. This topnotch telescoping rod from Trout Fly fish will surely help you achieve greater levels on your fishing career by bringing you something that’s not just comparably lighter than the raved rods made of fiberglass, but it also provides more control and astounding accuracy for each cast you make, allowing you to maximize your fishing skills and show what you’ve really got. With its total length of 9 ft., you can make casts that are longer than your average ones, while still rendering you with superior transportability with the product’s collapsed form that can reach up to only 24 inches. It only weighs about 14 ounces while it has collapsing sections that numbers up to five. It also has a durable guiding eyes made of ceramic that also contributes to the product’s lightweight prowess while it has a sturdy, sensitive tip reinforced with a protector that will guarantee the success of your fishing trips. It also has an ergonomic cork handle that provides comfortable and secured grip for better control of your casts.


  • Made of Carbon that makes it incredibly lightweight that only weighs 14 ounces.
  • Collapses up to 24 inches while expands up to 9 feet, bringing you compact travels and long casts all in one product.
  • Has extremely comfortable and ergonomic cork handle paired up with a solid and durable tip that’s reinforced with high quality protection for superior sensitivity.


  • Not cheap.
  • The tip isn’t the most sensitive in the market today.

3. Berkley Nomadic Telescopic Fishing Rod

Berkley Nomadic Telescopic Fishing Rod

Berkley has rendered some of the best products in the industry during the recent years and up until today, it has never failed to amaze anyone even on the telescopic category of rods. This fishing rod will definitely live up to its name, giving you the capability to fish nomadically anywhere through its superior compactness and transportability. Even with its collapsible form, you won’t believe how exemplary this fishing rod performs in the field and how it maintains topnotch durability and sturdiness despite its heavenly, lightweight characteristic that makes it easier to carry and use. This beautiful state-of-the-art fishing rod boasts Guides made of Alconite, a reel seat with Fuji Plate and a stunning blank of Graphite material. Whether your casually taking a fishing trip or going for the gold in a competition, the versatility of this fishing rod will surely give you that ability to grab what you’ve aimed for.


  • Lightweight and compact product that’s easy to carry and use wherever you go.
  • Extremely durable and sturdy even with its lightweight characteristic.
  • Versatile, state-of-the-art equipment integrated with guides made of Alconite, a reel seat with Fuji Plate and a stunning blank of Graphite material


  • Expensive.
  • Its length could use some improvements.

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