Best Travel Fishing Rod of 2016

Best Travel Fishing Rod

Best Travel Fishing Rod

What is the Best Travel Fishing Rod?

If you’re the type of fly fisher or angler that’s always on the go for various fishing expeditions with your buddies, your family or even alone, then you’ll definitely need to find a rod that will match your enthusiasm on fishing. You can either get a telescopic rod or get the best travel fishing rod that will surely pose no problem at all during your expeditions.

There’s definitely a very obvious difference between the best travel fishing rod and those telescopic and compact ones. Though they are all extremely portable, the feature of the travel-type fishing rod allows its users to disassemble it when not needed, giving you the capability to store it in the most compact way possible. Though there are countless choices out there that may prove to be a disappointment, there’s still a handful of choices that you will surely love.

The odds in finding the best travel fishing rod is definitely slim as the market has more of the less durable and less satisfying ones, making it very tricky to find the right one that will satiate your needs. To erase your worries and give you a phenomenal experience, give these three best travel fishing rod I’ve found that may just be what you’re looking for.

1. Daiwa Generation Black 3-Piece Travel Fishing Rod

Daiwa Generation Black 3-Piece Travel Fishing Rod

This state-of-the-art and phenomenal equipment is undoubtedly at the top of the bar, not only in Daiwa’s line of products but in the entirety of the industry. This sleek model, as the name suggests, can be divided into three and assembled easily for superior travelling experience. Though it may not be lightweight and is considered to be a heavy-duty rod, this characteristic helps it to become a very effective snapper while also guaranteeing its topnotch durability.

It is specifically recommended to give this one a go and pair it up with a spinning reel for an easier experience. It also has a very sensitive tip structure that will give notify you if any prey gets caught in your lure over its casting distance that can span up to 213 centimeters. The brand flaunts this product’s construction that mainly consists of a stunning Graphite with High-volume fiber that definitely suggests that it’s not your regular graphite structure.

It also presents a guide of alconite build with reduced resistant system. It also has an outstanding and breathtaking reel seats of tournament graphite while its EVA Grips make sure that you’ll have a comfortable and optimum controlled grip on the rod no matter what happens.


  • Heavy-duty Rod that’s durable and can easily be transported with its feature that allows it to be disassembled into three pieces.
  • Flaunts a stunning Graphite construction of High-volume fiber along with alconite guide system with reduced resistance.
  • Provides superior grip and control with comfortable and ergonomic EVA grip.


  • Expensive.
  • Heavy.

2. Shimano Revolution Travel rods

Shimano Revolution Travel Rods

Laying in front of you, tons of models to choose from, this Revolution travel rods from Shimano will certainly satiate your needs for a travelling companion rod through its vast array of models integrated with different lengths, line-rating, sections and even cast-weight. This means that you’ll have full control of choosing the model that you think will fit right into your fishing regime and needs.

No matter what you choose, this line of product from Shimano guarantees supreme performance, portability, lightweight and even unparalleled responsiveness that will bring you quick reaction time which will contribute to giving you that upper edge as you battle with the prey that gets caught on your bait.

This improvement to the line of product which Shimano revolution is most proud of, will bring you an ecstatic experience through its superior characteristics integrated with Alconite Fuji K-Guides. This rod also flaunts a High-modulus Blank of Ton-Torquay Graphite. It also has a phenomenal Reel seat with split grip of EVA for superior comfort.


  • Lightweight rod that can easily be disassembled for easier transportation and hassle-free adventures.
  • Very durable and high-quality especially with its Alconite Fuji K-Guides and High-modulus Blank of Ton-torquay graphite.
  • Has split grip of EVA with phenomenal Reel seat.
  • Presents a wide array of models from this line of product that gives you full control to choose what you need.


  • Expensive.
  • Choosing what you’ll buy may prove to be tricky with the vast array it has.

3. Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel Kit

Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel Kit

This topnotch travel rod paired up with the perfect reel to go with it, will certainly bring you the best fishing experience you can ever have. It combines performance with supreme portability, making it an ideal choice for any fishers out there. This beautiful piece of equipment can be disassembled into 5 pieces for easy storage and transportation while it forms a 6-inch rod that will allow you to get a haul of fishes in no time at all.

The reel it comes with goes with a sweet 4 to 8 pounds of line while it also comes with a soft travel case for the complete-packaged experience. It has a stunning cork handle that’s made with high quality materials for superior comfort. It is also integrated with a guide made of aluminum oxide and its overall construction consists of graphite and aluminum, guaranteeing its durability.

With this sweet travelling rod complete with all the essentials that will give you the perfect experience, you’ll surely end up having a gleeful smile on your face in every expedition you have.


  • Has Graphite and Aluminum Construction, giving it a durable and sturdy build that will offer you optimum experience.
  • Disassembles into five piece for easier transportation while it also comes with a padded travel case to complete your experience.
  • Comes with a partner reel and has high-quality cork handle and guide made of aluminum oxide.


  • Not lightweight.
  • Not the most durable option.

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