Best Trout Bait for Stocked Trout of 2016

Best Trout Bait for Stocked Trout

Best Trout Bait for Stocked Trout

What is the Best Trout Bait for Stocked Trout?

Locking your eyes on catching stocked trout can be vastly different from how you go for wild ones. Though some may say that they don’t pose quite the challenge, they are still fun to catch for beginners and seasoned anglers alike. It’s also one of the most famous targets that parents introduce to their child first when they are about to teach them about fishing. No matter what situation you fall into, it’s definitely better to stack your tackle box with the best trout bait for stocked trout.

Unlike wild trout, stocked ones have a different meal set that makes it essential to have the best trout bait for stocked trout on your tackle box that will definitely be effective in triggering their palate. Trout have this amazing prowess in detecting their meal through all the patterns they can manage to get. Their movement, their color and even their size. The bait you’ll use should be something that would imitate their natural food such as brown pellets, twigs and such.

To allow you to breeze through the searching process of getting the best trout bait for stocked trout, here’s a list of the pinnacle products that will surely give you the edge on your fishing venture.

1. Berkley Powerbait Power Eggs Floating Magnum

Berkley Powerbait Power Eggs Floating Magnum

Make those stocked trout go crazy with this power eggs floating magnum powerbait from the renowned brand of Berkley that certainly won’t fall short of your expectations. This figure is undeniably identical to some of stocked trout’s daily menu, making it an impeccably tasty meal that they would find irresistible.

Trigger their appetite with this realistic soft bait that will surely help you catch a heap of stocked trout in no time. It comes in a quite large size that will certainly get the attention of your prey while the vibrant colors available, paired up with glittery finish makes it even more visible underwater that will surely make it appear more scrumptious for the fishes.

Many users have raved this product for its versatility. Though it may also be soft, it’s incredibly durable and it adds up to the product’s realistic structure. With this powerbait, you’ll be making buckets of hauls wherever you may be.


  • Has realistic softness and appearance that will certainly appear scrumptious to fishes.
  • It comes in various vibrant color with glittery finishes that makes it more visible and appear more delicious for fishes.
  • Comes in different smells and is guaranteed by users to be a sure-fire bait for stocked trout and other species.


  • Some users didn’t find it very effective.
  • Some color may or may not appeal to fishes which makes it a little bit tricky to use.

2. Strike King Bitsy Minnow

Strike King Bitsy Minnow

Experience fishing at its finest and get those fishes swimming towards your bait in a matter of minutes through this renowned and ever-popular Minnow crankbait from the reputable brand of Strike King. This brand has always catered the most exemplary products on the market and has completely redefined fishing, improved it by leaps and bound, and allowed anglers all over the world to become more successful on any of their fishing expeditions.

This stunning state-of-the-art bait comes in a morsel-size structure that’s specifically designed to trigger the appetite of trout, pan-fishes and crappies. This incredibly designed bait that comes in realistic, vibrant colors with reflective eyes that will surely appeal more to the fishes, is amazingly durable and will surely stay on your hook flawlessly.

It boasts a phenomenal action to pair up with its superbly detailed construction, making it very irresistible for the fishes. This crankbait minnow has been tested and proven by various users, guaranteeing you that with it, there’s definitely going to be huge changes in your fishing prowess.


  • Has a stunning, colorful design with reflective and realistic eyes that will certainly appeal to fishes.
  • Specifically designed to trigger the appetites of trout, pan-fishes and crappies, ensuring you that you’ll have a nice catch in any fishing venture you may have.
  • Performs in an incredibly unique action and movement that will surely catch the attention of surrounding fishes.


  • Anglers didn’t like its inconsistent performance.
  • Some users had problems with the quality of the product’s hooks.

3. Thomas Buoyant Spoon

Thomas Buoyant Spoon

One of the favorite approach that anglers definitely love to do when vying for a sweet haul of stocked trout, is by using a spoon rather than powerbaits, rapalas or crankbaits. This buoyant spoon will expand your fishing capabilities by leaps and bounds and will open new doors of opportunity during any of your fishing travels.

One of the many things that anglers love about it is the fact that the spoon provides different types of action depending on how you use it. When you explicit a retrieve in a moderately-slow movement, you’ll find that this state-of-the-art product creates a unique, erratic and eye-catching wobbling movement that truly mimics the movement of that of a baitfish that’s gone frantic.

Aside from its stellar movement, the product also has a noteworthy jewelry-quality appearance, which without a doubt, will attract the attention of fishes such as bass, pikes, walleyes, salmons and trout. Pack your tackle box with the fleet of colors available for this product and you’ll certainly be able to capture more fishes than what you have hoped for.


  • Boasts a stunning, jewelry-quality and enticing appearance that will truly give those fishes a hungry appetite.
  • Can be used for deep or shallow water and for trolling or casting.
  • Produces erratic, baitfish-like action that will truly get the attention of the surrounding fishes.


  • Some users had durability problems with the product.
  • May be a bit tricky to use for beginners.

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