Best Trout Lures for Streams of 2016

Best Trout Lures for Streams

Best Trout Lures for Streams

What is the Best Trout Lures for Streams?

Catching trout may already be a typical part that’s almost indispensable on the list of activities carried by anglers as they go through various ventures on rivers and even streams. It is undeniably easy to catch one of this creatures if you’re presented with a pool filled of them, however catching those on the rigorous flows of streams may definitely prove to be challenging especially if you’re not equipped with the best trout lures for streams.

There’s a difference when using the best trout lures for streams on the specific form of water mentioned instead of using them on others like rivers and such. With them, you’ll be able to create the most realistic and epic movements that will surely get you multiple bites in a short amount of time. Equipping some of them on your tackle box will surely add tons of possibilities to your fishing trip which is why you definitely have to get a handful of them.

Here are some of the best trout lures for streams that you must certainly add to your choices that I have scoured across the net to help you with your fishing prowess. Choosing your trout of choice undoubtedly calls for your carefulness which is why you need to consider every aspect before making the purchase.

1. Rebel Teeny Wee-Craw

Rebel Teeny Wee-Craw

Rebel is truly a beast when it comes to handing out excellent lures that will perform just as how customers expect them to. They have been serving customers worldwide since their advent on 1960, making their reputation solid as cement and certainly trustworthy.

This teeny wee-craw rebel lure is undoubtedly a testament to their grand reputation and with it in your tackle box, you’ll surely be hauling in huge amounts of trout and other species of fishes in no time at all. It comes in a plastic body that’s incredibly hard and durable, guaranteeing that it will stay on your line for a lot of casts. It boasts a realistic appeal available in various colors that fishes will surely find appetizing and irresistible.

It’s specifically built to get you trophy-sized trout, smallmouth bass and even largemouth ones. Not only is it incredibly appealing, it also possesses a unique movement that will surely garner the attention of those fishes. It can create a mudbug fleeing-like motion that explicit a darting move that will surely get those waters pumping. Depending on your use, you can also make it go pulsate like crazy and get those fishes swarming to your direction in a matter of seconds or minutes.


  • It has a realistic appeal available in various colors that fishes will surely find appetizing and irresistible.
  • It has a stunning movement that can either explicit a darting fleeing move like that of a mudbug or a pulsating move.
  • Comes in a hard-plastic body that makes it incredibly durable and reliable.


  • Some users didn’t have any luck catching heaps of fishes with it.
  • Some anglers didn’t like the lightness of the lure as it gets tangled up with braid lines and such.

2. Smithwick Rattlin’ Rogue

Smithwick Rattlin’ Rogue

If you’re going to take up the challenge of fishing for trout in streams, then you better have a lure that will perform perfectly in such conditions. In such loud and erratic environment, you need to have a lure that will definitely have the power to capture the attention of your prey through its actions.

This Smithwick Rattlin’ Rogue lure is undoubtedly the best fit for this description and with it, you’ll certainly find your line swarmed by trout all over the place in no time at all. It brings of a cool, side-to-side erratic movement that’s bound to make a commotion underwater and get fishes go nuts over it.

You can either use it for trolling or even casting and with its stunning body plated brightly with realistic appeal, you’ll certainly find it exquisitely illustrious and tempting. Its rattling on the water will undeniably mimic that of a minnow that’s heavily wounded which will end up making trout’s mouth water in excitement. It has a refined paint-schemes that guarantees the durability of the aesthetic appearance of the product while its body is also sturdy enough to last for quite a lot of use.


  • Has exquisitely-designed body plated with bright colors and refined paint that makes it durable and sturdy.
  • It can be used for trolling or casting.
  • It produces a loud, rattling movement that imitates that of a minnow that’s wounded which fishes will certainly find tempting and irresistible.


  • Could use a bit more weight.
  • There are some anglers who had problems with the durability of the spoon.

3. Strike King Bitsy Minnow

Strike King Bitsy Minnow

Improve your fishing capabilities by a wide margin and get those buckets filled up with trout and other fishes within seconds or minutes, through the helping hand of this illustrious lure from Strike King, the Bitsy Minnow.

It’s been raved by users across the globe for its outstanding appearance that makes it incredibly vibrant-looking, realistic and definitely irresistible. With this small lure, you’ll definitely be able to capture more fishes as it is undoubtedly versatile and effective. This crankbait is specifically developed to get you hauls of pan-fishes, crappies and trout, whether you’re fishing on rigorous waters or even on calm ponds.

This stunning piece of lure creates erratic, unique and enticing movement that will surely get the attention of fishes surrounding it. Topping that up, it also has a realistic, detailed finish, especially on its eyes, ensuring that it will certainly be the best bait to give you your desired results.


  • Developed and guaranteed to get you huge hauls of pan-fishes, crappies and trout or even other species of fishes.
  • Incredibly detailed and realistic appearance with durable construction.
  • Performs unique and enticing action that will surely capture the attention of fishes and entice them.


  • Some had durability problems with it.
  • The hook of the lure may not be enough to handle big fishes.

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